Before & After Custom Mural for the USS Truman

Check out this wrap we did for the USS Truman counter in the library. Thank you to the men and women who serve our country. We were blessed to be part of this project!

Our Custom Murals

The Inks We Use Make All the Difference!

We use HP Latex Inks, which are odorless and do not require any special ventilation. It is great for a wide range of uses, including healthcare, and has no hazard warning labels or HAPs and is nickel-free. HP Latex Inks are also UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, and prints meet AgBB criteria.

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Completely Change Up Your Office Space

With a custom mural, whether it’s for a wall, door or the floor, give your office a new look and feel.

Custom Murals

Custom wrap murals can be tailored to suit different themes, purposes, and preferences. Moreover, a mural wrap offers many advantages over a traditional painted mural. For example, mural wraps can be more cost-effective than hiring an artist for a painted mural. Furthermore, mural wraps can be installed quickly compared to the time-consuming process of painting a mural by hand. Above all, Mural wraps can show high levels of detail and photo-realism due to advanced printing technologies, allowing for intricate designs and realistic images that are challenging to achieve with hand-painted murals.

DeSigns, Inc. is Your #1 Custom Murals Expert

At DeSign’s, Inc. we have designed, and installed custom wrap murals on just about every surface and location you can imagine. For instance, exterior and interior murals on U.S. Navy ships, Museums, Art installations, Offices, Schools, Retail Shops, Venues, and everything in between!

Office Murals

Display a mural of your company logos, photos, or mission statements on office walls. On the other hand, you may display inspirational quotes or graphics in conference rooms, reception lobby, or lunch rooms. In addition, you might display a mural photo collage depicting a timeline of your company history and timeline!

Retail Murals

Mural wraps are perfect for realistic display of your product images, or brand logos for branding in retail stores. Moreover, artistic graphics enhance your store’s atmosphere. Furthermore, murals can also illustrate a storyline related to your products.

Restaurants, Cafes and Grocery Store Murals

Food-related murals are especially effective on storefronts. For example images of dishes, ingredients, and food products. Moreover, mural wraps and be changed out quickly for time-sensitive food specials. Similarly, mural wraps can provide ambiance-enhancing designs that match your restaurant or cafe’ cuisine.

Residential, Home Murals

A home mural wrap offers many advantages over a traditional painting. For example, mural wraps can be more cost-effective than hiring a painter or artist for a painted mural. More importantly, there are no paint fumes or odors to deal with.  Here are some home mural examples to consider, Accent murals in bedrooms or living rooms and family portraits alongside your favorite quotes. On the other hand, you may have a home mural of nature scenes or a mural to reflect your favorite activities or hobbies.

Event Themed Murals

Let DeSign’s, Inc. help you design Custom murals for your big event! For instance, Anniversary murals, Wedding murals, Engagement murals, Birthday murals, Graduation murals, or special occasion murals life brings your way. Themed murals bring that extra touch of sophistication to your parties and celebrations.

Gyms and Fitness Studio Murals

Exercise and wellness murals are great fitness motivators found in gyms, fitness studios, exercise classes, and health-related businesses. Examples are motivational quotes or fitness-related graphics. Energetic designs help to inspire and energize clients.

Children’s Rooms – Nurseries Murals

Imagine adding colorful cartoon characters, fantasy or fairy tale scenes, or popular-themed children’s book murals. And for the baby-Einstien enthusiasts consider an Educational mural with numbers, letters, or animals.

Public Murals

Examples of public murals include community-driven murals that reflect local culture, seasonal events, and local themes. Moreover, public art murals beautify neighborhoods, promoting a sense of belonging or underscoring environmental causes.

Sports Facilities Murals

Find sports mural wraps in many indoor sports and training facilities, not to mention high school and collegiate facilities. For example sports murals for team logos, mascots, inspirational quotes, and team spirit.

Custom Murals

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