Our Custom-Made Wrap for Window Graphics

When it comes to graphics and signage warranty coverage, not all warranties are created equal. DeSigns was the first sign company in Virginia to receive the 3M Certification. Learn how the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty differs from the competition when it comes to protecting your investment.

Our Vehicle Wrap Process

1. Designing

Artwork is one of the key components that make up an effective wrap. We use high-resolution photographs and graphics to ensure we produce a clean and vibrant final product. If you already have artwork and it meets the necessary requirements, we can go straight to the next step. If not, we have a team of skilled graphic designers that can take your idea and make it into a reality. We specialize in clean and effective designs that clearly portray your message.

2. Proofing

Once the design is set up, we email you a digital proof. Once you’re happy with the layout we do a full-color printout on the material that is going on the vehicle so you can see exactly how the colors and design will look. We have you come in and approve this. Once approved, it’s sent to print!

3. Production

We begin this step by printing on 3M premium vinyl and using Water Based HP inks on a high-resolution, HP wide format printer. We then use a 3M laminate to get that glossy finish and extra protection from UV rays and abrasion. With all three matched components, vinyl, inks, and laminate we can ensure you with a 3M Performance Guarantee and MCS Warranty against peeling, cracking, and fading. You are also backed by the first 3M certified installation team in Southeast Virginia, because of our commitment to quality 3M backs us for a year of that warranty.

4. Installation

DeSigns Inc. is one of the only 3M certified installers in Southeast Virginia. We strictly follow the stringent guidelines set by 3M, which is the leading manufacturer of vehicle wrap materials. Our proper preparation of the vehicle includes several cleaning steps to provide a perfect surface for application. When covering complex curves and contours, we use special techniques, including heating and stretching the film. Installation takes place in our climate-controlled bay garage that can fit anything street-legal. All the right steps are followed to ensure you get a long-lasting and professional product.

Why Should My Business Get Wrapped?

Custom Window Graphics

A distinctive and eye-catching custom window graphic attracts attention. Designs, Inc., located in the heart of Hampton Roads, specializes in providing fast turnaround services for custom-made window graphics and window wraps. Moreover, our customized solutions can make a strategic impact on small business visibility in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, and Richmond, VA.

Custom Solutions for Window Graphics

Whether you run a coffee shop, flower boutique, retail store, or professional service, Designs, Inc. offers personalized window graphics suitable for diverse business types. On the other hand, you can also add window graphics or window wraps to your vehicle. See Custom Wraps. From futuristic to retro designs to bold and elegant styles, you can choose graphics that match your style or brand identity. In the same way, our custom window graphics offer different ways of adding, accents, flair, privacy, and security.

Fast Turnaround Time

Designs, Inc. takes pride in its ability to provide fast turnaround services without compromising on quality. Get your custom window graphics installed promptly and let Designs, Inc. enhance your business’s visual appeal to stand out in the local market. Above all, attract more customers, and create a lasting impression with personalized and eye-catching storefront designs.

Affordable Window Graphics

We offer custom window graphics to showcase your business, logo, message, or slogan! Learn more about all of our offerings and Get a Free Quote. Call us at (757) 547-5478. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for upcoming promotions.