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Tradeshow Banners Table Covers – We’ve Got You Covered

Welcome to Designs, Inc. we are your premier destination for top-notch tradeshow and event signage solutions. From hanging to specially shaped signs, we have an exceptional range of specialty banners, table covers, and promotional products to make your tradeshow booth or special event truly unforgettable.

Tradeshow Banners and Specialty Banners

Make a bold statement. Our eye-catching tradeshow and specialty banners are designed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Our banners are not just signage; they are powerful tools to communicate your brand message effectively. Moreover, our designers add the necessary branding elements and easy-to-read lettering. Furthermore, we always recommend adding call-to-action phrases to compliment your company name and logo on attracting visitors to your booth.

Event Backdrops

Create a stunning backdrop for your events with our custom-designed event backdrops. For example, our high-quality backdrops are perfect for a product launch, corporate gathering, or a special celebration. Imagine your logo elegantly repeating on a graphic background, setting the stage for the perfect photo op! Our backdrops will set the stage for success. See the Honda vinyl banner backdrop featured in our sample photo gallery.

Event Banners

Stand out in the crowd with our vibrant and durable event banners. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, these banners are a dynamic way to showcase your brand and promotions. We offer mesh Banners, ‎retractable Banners, and large format banners with fade-resistant vinyl and reinforced edges. Above all, when choosing an event banner, you can consider things like banner size and location. Let our banner experts choose the perfect event banner for your needs.

Specialty Banners

Our specialty banners are tailored to meet your unique needs. When choosing a specialty banner, you can consider location, size, timeframe, and design aesthetic. For example, a step and repeat banner, in some cases, versus a single graphic banner, may have more visual impact. Also, consider whether you want a single or double-sided banner. From themed events to specific promotions, we have the expertise to deliver banners that resonate with your audience and enhance your brand image.

Brand Table Covers

Complete your tradeshow booth or product display with our brand table covers, logo throws, or custom tablecloths. Covers can be customized to match your brand colors and logo, adding a professional touch to your presentation. You can consider size and fabric type when choosing a brand table cover. For example, we also offer stretch-to-fit table covers or fitted table covers.

Convention Banners

Convention banners can visually impact trade shows, exhibitions, and large conventions. Standard banner sizes range from 6×2, 6×3, 3×6, or 2×6 feet. Navigate through crowded conventions effortlessly with our convention banners. These functional and stylish banners ensure your brand stands out in the packed convention environment.

Custom-shaped Fabric Hanging Banners

Go beyond the ordinary with our custom-shaped fabric hanging banners. Fabric banners add a touch of elegance and class. They can enhance social gatherings like dinners, special ceremonies, or church events. Take your message to the next level with a unique fabric or cloth banner to showcase your brand.

Photo-booth Style Background Stand-up Displays

Add fun to your events with our photo-booth-style background stand-up displays. Engage your audience and create memorable experiences with these interactive displays. TIP: The height and width of the backdrop stand will determine what types of photos and videos you can capture.

Tabletop Banner Signage

Maximize your marketing space with our tabletop banner signage. Perfect for smaller setups, these banners grab eye-level attention, ensuring your message doesn’t go unnoticed. Tabletop signs and banners are suitable for trade shows, conferences, retail stores, and restaurants.

Retractable Banner Displays

Retractable banners are called ‘pull-up banners’ since they are pulled upward from their metal base for display. Experience convenience and portability with our retractable banner displays. Easy to set up and transport, these banners are ideal for on-the-go marketing, ensuring your brand gets noticed wherever you go.

Tradeshow Banners Table Covers

At DeSigns Inc., we understand the importance of making a lasting impression. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as your go-to partner for all promotional product needs. Let us help you make every event a success with our premium signage solutions. Learn more about our banners and table cover offerings and place your first order. Call us at (757) 547-5478 and follow us on Facebook for upcoming promotions.