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The Inks We Use Make All the Difference!

We use HP Latex Inks, which are odorless and do not require any special ventilation. It is great for a wide range of uses, including healthcare, and has no hazard warning labels or HAPs and is nickel-free. HP Latex Inks are also UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, and prints meet AgBB criteria.

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Completely Change Up Your Office Space

With a custom mural, whether it’s for a wall, door or the floor, give your office a new look and feel.

Custom Wall and Floor Murals

Custom Wall and floor murals are creative and visually impactful ways to enhance indoor spaces. These murals can be customized to suit various themes and purposes, adding a personal touch to businesses, homes, and public spaces. Moreover, murals can be designed to incorporate a door or door mural! In other words, your door can seamlessly integrate into your mural design.

Wall Murals for Indoor Spaces

Murals transform the interiors of homes, offices, retail stores, and public buildings. Moreover, mural inks can be applied to multiple surfaces, including painted walls, bricks, cinderblocks, metal surfaces, drywall, or wallpaper. Above all, mural graphics are not limited to flat surfaces. For example, we have applied murals to curved walls, curved glass, desks, and circular-shaped objects.

Wall Murals for Marketing and Identification

Businesses use murals for branding and identification: company logos, mission statements, product visuals, and labeling. For example, your company may mark huddle spaces, training rooms, or conference rooms. Moreover, wall and door murals can be designed to create specific atmospheres or themes, such as a relaxing natural-theme mural in a spa or healthcare facility.

Photorealistic Wall Murals

Today’s high-tech printers provide photo-realism in murals, intricate designs, and lifelike images. In homes, murals are seen in bedrooms, living rooms, or children’s rooms, ranging from subtle accents and abstract art to murals featuring favorite characters or scenes.

Floor Murals in Commercial and Public Spaces

Floor murals are famous in commercial spaces such as malls, airports, and retail stores. Moreover, floor murals can guide foot traffic, convey branding, or create ambiance.
Public spaces and plazas may feature large-scale floor murals as part of public art installations.

Murals for Retail and Hospitality Businesses

Many retail stores or hospitality businesses use floor murals. For example, retail stores and hotel lobby entrances feature a logo floor mural reinforcing their brand name. Moreover, this adds a touch of upscale elegance.

Safety and Warning Signs Murals

Floor murals can be used for safety purposes, warning signs, directional help, or social distancing markers, for example, for maintaining customer distancing in wait lines at the pharmacy or retail checkout lines. The choice between wall and floor murals depends on the project goals and the desired impact within the space.

Affordable Custom Wall and Floor Murals

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