Our Custom-Made Plaques & Directories

We Offer Signs for Any Surface

Start to see every surface as an opportunity to tell a story. Take advantage of every possibility to connect with the target audience.

Custom Plaques and Directory Signs

Custom Plaques and Directory Signs add a touch of professionalism and personality that elevates your message more personally. And well-positioned directories reduce confusion and frustration for visitors.

Appreciation Award Plaques

Employee recognition goes a long way in building a solid company culture. A personalized plaque engraved with words of appreciation or a milestone achievement speaks volumes. For example, picture the pride on an employee’s face as they receive a beautifully crafted wooden plaque commemorating their sales record or years of dedicated service. These tokens of recognition boost morale, encourage healthy competition, and showcase your investment in your team’s success.

Interior and Exterior Directories

Directories serve to guide your customers and employees with confidence. For instance, imagine a clean laser-etched acrylic sign showcasing your company logo and department locations, welcoming both first-time visitors. Alternatively, consider raised metal lettering or sophisticated wood-carved directories. Beyond the lobby, floor directories ensure smooth navigation, while outdoor building directories add a polished finish to your facade, guiding clients directly to your door.

Affordable Plaques and Directory Signs

As a family-owned and -operated business, we take pride in connecting with our customers on a personal level. With our affordable prices and dedicated customer service attitude, ensure you have a quality experience every time you visit our store in Chesapeake, VA. Discover how we can help you craft the perfect pieces to add a touch of magic to your brand story. Place your first order or, call us at (757) 547-5478, and follow us on Facebook for upcoming promotions.

Floors & Sidewalks

With everyone looking down at their phones, floor and sidewalk graphics are great way to capture eyes and attention. Whether to increase wayfinding or maximize promotional efforts, floor and sidewalk graphics can move people and sales in the right direction.

Windows & Glass

Windows and glass provide perfect surfaces for businesses to expand their brand, enhance privacy and personalize their space. 3M vinyl and non-vinyl window graphics offer a wide range of solutions that support their needs.

Buildings & Walls

Create beautiful aesthetics inside and out with interior and exterior graphics and signage that tell brand stories in a more impactful way. With 3M graphic films and overlaminates you can make nearly any surface a canvas – whether smooth and flat walls or rough and textured brick walls.


Protect and enhance your graphics installation by choosing the right overlaminate to ensure great results and that last over time. Offering added protection, eye-catching aesthetic elements and more, 3M overlaminates help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Signs & Displays

From perforated films and translucent films to printable films and more, graphic manufacturers and graphic installers have an ever-growing arsenal of 3M graphic films for creating signs and displays of every shape and size. Tall or small, these high-performing products will keep your customers coming back for more.

Reflective Films

Take your wrap to the next level with 3M Reflective Films that bring your brand to life – no matter the time of day. For vinyl vehicle wraps and building graphics, reflective films ensure your eye-catching designs make a lasting impression on customers. Increase your visibility, for added safety.